SFA Affinity - rewarding our members

Drive sales, cut costs, build your brand

SFA Affinity is exclusive to SFA members and it’s another great reason to join the SFA.

SFA Affinity allows you to publish and promote offers to members, leveraging off the highly respected brand that is the SFA. You can also take advantage of the excellent offers published by other members.

SFA Affinity is a great, new and hassle-free opportunity for you to
    Energise your Marketing
    Secure Real Deals for your Business
    Promote your Brand
All published deals have been vetted to guarantee they represent terrific value - either by saving you money or by helping your business to operate more efficiently.

SFA membership is already a great proposition and now with SFA Affinity – you can be sure to re-coup the cost of membership – as quickly as you get active on this programme. It’s a win-win and it’s quick and simple to submit an offer. Better still, you can publish up to 3 offers, once they are approved.

Make the decision to join the SFA now

Energise Your Marketing

You may not have planned to promote your products or services via a membership programme but SFA Affinity is probably the best way possible to reach out to business customers in Ireland – at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising (it’s free and exclusive to SFA members). You can add your logo, info about your biz, contact details and a link to your website (a valuable link as the SFA website has real authority).

Right now is a great time to publish offers as SFA Affinity is being promoted across digital platforms.

If you want to boost your marketing performance – SFA Affinity is the way to go!

Secure Real Deals for your Business

SFA members can pick and choose the deals and offers that add value to their business. Maybe it’s a discount on a courier service you were about to book anyway, or it could be a free audit of your website, with expert advice on improving performance.

By browsing these offers on a regular basis; members can really make them work for their business – picking up the right deal and the right time.

Promote Your Brand

Your business logo will appear on the SFA Affinity offer listing and with members actively browsing the deals, it’s a great opportunity to build awareness of your brand.

The ethos of the SFA is that members share their business with other members and by publishing an offer – you are highlighting your membership to others. This has real benefits in its own right as members are encouraged to pro-actively support each other. And when you network at SFA events; it’ll be easy to point members in the direction of your SFA Affinity offer.

SFA Affinity is exclusive to SFA members