CUBE Design

Summary of Business:

A strong brand attracts the trust of your audience. With over 30 years of experience, CUBE Design is a Certified Brand Strategist, and Business All Star, creating impactful brands. Working strategically and creatively with business owners and leaders of growing and changing SMEs. CUBE Design does this by working with clients in brand strategy workshops, creating the visual expression of their brand, and supporting them to implement the brand.

What led you to starting your business?

CUBE Design started just as the last recession kicked in in 2008. As a creative business owner, Barbara was always going to be a design practitioner regardless of the recession. This combined with being the main carer for a young family, running her own business gave her the flexibility she needed.

How did you raise the funds you need for your business?

CUBE Design was funded with some personal cashflow, and as the projects came in the funds were ploughed back into the business to get it where it is today.

What is the most significant lesson you have learnt in running your business?

There have been many lessons learnt, but the one thing that has impacted the business the most is engaging with a business coach. Some of the best decisions have been made with the support of a business coach.

What has been the proudest moment in your business so far?

Being certified as a brand strategist under the personal tuition of Marty Neumeier, the global leader in brand design, has given Barbara the most precious pieces of paper she will ever own.

What have been the biggest challenges in your business to date?

Capacity versus growth is a constant question. As an owner managed business decisions were made to outsource skills. However all the brand strategy and brand design work is undertaken by Barbara, so therefore capacity limits what can be taken on and when.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business?

For young entrepreneurs starting out I would say to make sure you investigate thoroughly who exactly your audience is, what are their needs, and how are you meeting those needs. Then write it all down or explain it to a few different friends and neighbours who do not know much about what you do, and see how it goes down.

What’s the best business book you’ve ever read?

The book that changed Barbara's design career was one written by the wonderful Marty Neumeier, 'The Brand Gap'. She has since read all of his brand books and as mentioned earlier, has been continually training with Marty.

Who is the entrepreneur you admire the most?

Marty Neumeier of course, for what he is doing to support the creatives globally. Secondly it would be Steve Jobs, who I admired for what he built, but also in how he managed the Apple brand. Unfortunately his death impacted negatively on the Apple Brand, which showed how much he influenced the brand.

What’s your website?

What Social Networking sites does your business use?

How has the SFA helped you in your business?

As a new member of the SFA I have not had a chance to interact, but I am looking forward to engaging with this community and with the supports that you can offer me as a small business.

Contact details:

Barbara Monahan
CUBE Design
Telephone: +353 (0)1 524 0446
Address: S23 The Pottery, Bakers Point, Pottery Road, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin