Islandbridge Brand Development

Summary of Business:

Islandbridge are strategic brand planners, working with a wide range of businesses to help them bridge the gap between them and their customers.

What led you to starting your business?

We aim to change the way the world does business by inspiring business leaders everywhere to build their brand around a thoughtful, fair and fruitful exchange between them and their customers.

How did you raise the funds you need for your business?

We bootstrapped our start-up, then built the business by investing from one client project to the next.

What is the most significant lesson you have learnt in running your business?

Your relationship with your customer is the keystone to building a great business.

What has been the proudest moment in your business so far?

There's always great pride in helping clients reach 'the far shore' of their ambitions in any sector, but our strategic brand planning with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, which helps them in their extraordinary mission to assist those who acquire a brain injury to find their way back home again, is a stand-out project for us.

What have been the biggest challenges in your business to date?

Winning over clients to a very practical, common-sense approach to business development that goes beyond conventional branding to reach all the way to the other side.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business?

Find out the key conflict facing your customers, then build your business around fixing it.

What’s the best business book you’ve ever read?

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey

Who is the entrepreneur you admire the most?

Yvonne Cassidy and Martin Deasy of Care to Comfort; they provide home-care electrical adjustable beds that look and feel great to people who have forgotten what it feels like to enjoy a great night's sleep. As they say: "We won't rest until you do".

What’s your website?

What Social Networking sites does your business use?

How has the SFA helped you in your business?

SFA has introduced us to businesses like ours that are shooting for the stars.

Contact details:

Gerard Tannam
Islandbridge Brand Development
Telephone: 01 495 3330
Address: Arena House, Arena Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18