SFA Supports Government's Enterprise 2025 Policy

Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Small Firms Association has welcomed the launch today of the Government's 10-year whole of enterprise policy, "Enterprise 2025".

SFA Director Patricia Callan commented: "This strategy is ambitious, but deliverable. It is vital for Ireland's future growth that the actions therein are implemented. Small businesses particularly welcome the fact that the strategy recognises that excelling at the basics, such as access to finance, supportive taxation policies, maintaining cost competitiveness and investing in infrastructure to support business are critical. These are the foundations on which we can and will achieve greater numbers of start-ups, who have better survival rates, export more and scale to create more jobs. If our Government strategies really become pro-business, then small business will deliver sustainable employment and higher standards of living for all."


For further comment, please contact Patricia Callan, SFA Director at Tel: 01-6051602 or 087-6999345 or e-mail: patricia.callan@sfa.ie. Tweet: @SFA_Irl