SFA Submission on Low Pay to the Joint Oireacthas Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

The recent establishment of the Low Pay Commission is highly concerning for SFA members. Whilst the concept of an independent evidence-based assessment of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rate, independent of politics, is desirable, it is unfortunate that none of the individual small business-owner managers who actually have real experience of the issues in running a small business which employs minimum wage or relatively low wage workers were selected as members of the Commission. The fact that no interviews took place to choose the members of the Commission is fundamentally flawed. It will be difficult for small businesses to accept the true independence of the Commission, given this gap in representation. The small business sector will be the one to pick up the tab on decisions made by the Commission, so they deserve to be given an opportunity to participate.

This submission discusses the Economic Indicators for our argument such as:

Movement in earnings of employees
Level of unemployment and employment
National Competitiveness
Relevant Exchange Rate Movements

It also discusses the case for maintaining National Minimum Wage (€8.65) for 3 years and the Living Wage Concept.