SFA reaction to Govt's Spring Economic Statement

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

  • SFA welcomes Government’s Spring Economic Statement
  • Taxation Cuts key to Job Creation and sustained economic recovery

The Small Firms Association has welcomed the Government’s Spring Economic Statement, which forecasts GDP growth of 4% this year, which will give the Government an additional €1.2 - €1.5bn in Budget 2016 to further embed the economic recovery.

SFA Director, Patricia Callan, commented: “The Government should use this additional funding to further secure the economic recovery by reducing taxes on business and employees which will spur a virtuous cycle of increasing economic activity driving further job creation. Our priority remains securing the end to the discrimination against the self-employed, the reform of the Capital Gains Tax System to reward entrepreneurship and the reduction in marginal income tax rate to always make work pay.”


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