SFA Comment on the Live Register Figures June 2013

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

SFA welcomes decrease in Live Register figures

Action required to address under 25s

“For jobs to be created the Government must provide greater certainty to consumers and the business community; stimulate the domestic economy and prioritise rising business costs.” Avine McNally, Acting Director, Small Firms Association.
Commenting on the live register figures for June the Acting Director of the Small Firms Association, Avine McNally said, “Today’s figures indicate a stabilisation of employment within firms; however, the figures continue to remain unacceptably high.

“While it is positive to see a reduction in under 25s (-2.4%) on the register, more needs to be done. Active labour policies are only part of the solution, reducing youth unemployment is not possible without a strong commitment and focus on education, growth and recovery.

“To allow small firms create jobs it is essential that Government take firm action to address cost competitiveness, access to finance and late payments. By taking this action Government will be contributing directly to the viability of small businesses and job creation.”

“If both Government and its agencies are forthright in their ambition to address unemployment and create jobs then they must do everything to reduce the cost of employment in 2013. When employment costs rise small firms are less likely to take on new staff.”


For further information, please contact Avine McNally, Acting Director, SFA: Tel: 01 605 1633 or Mobile: 087 6450205.