SFA Comment on January Live Register Figures

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Live Register reduction welcome
Affordability key to decision to employ someone

The Director of the Small Firms Association, Patricia Callan has welcomed the continuing downward trend in the live register figures, which were released today and showed a reduction of 0.1% to 10.5%. “Our 200,000 small businesses in every sector and throughout the country continue to create new jobs, as their businesses have begun to grow again. However for many this growth is fragile and must not be derailed by increasing business costs.”

“The key decision in whether a business hires someone is whether they will have the money to pay the wages at the end of the month. Affordable wage levels for all is more desirable than fantasy hikes for the few who the trade union movement represent, which will only result in others being locked out of employment. With almost zero inflation, there are no grounds for any increase in minimum wage or in wages generally across the economy this year. Where wage increases take place, they must make sense in the context of productivity gains from workers which lead to additional business growth. Otherwise, we are being foolhardy in risking our future wellbeing”.

Callan concluded “despite the significant progress that small businesses have made in stabilising and growing their businesses over the past 12 months, we cannot ignore the fact that we still have too many of our people facing unemployment. Providing the right environment for businesses to start and grow is the only solution to this crisis.”


For further information, please contact Patricia Callan, SFA Director, at Tel: 01 605 1602 or 087-6999345, e-mail: patricia.callan@sfa.ie, Twitter: @SFA_IRL

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