Businesses should plan now to ensure safety and minimise weather disruption

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

    • Action needed from businesses to prepare for the Beast from the East
    • Plan now to ensure employee safety and minimise disruption
Director of the Small Firms Association, Sven Spollen-Behrens, stated today: “With the possibility of severe weather conditions over the coming days, businesses should start to prepare and put plans in place for various scenarios. Every business is different and will need to make their own assessment of how best to ensure employee safety and minimise disruption.”

The SFA advises businesses to put in place an employer policy on absence due to inclement weather. This should address the situations where employees are unable to attend work or where businesses have no work available due to circumstances beyond their control. Businesses may need to examine situations where employees are delayed or have to leave early in order to avail of limited public transport or if weather conditions deteriorate during the working day. Where a work site is no longer accessible, employers should consider how they will communicate this with their employees.

“Small businesses must ensure that they have plans in place for the worst-case scenario and that these are communicated to staff. Then it is a matter of monitoring the situation closely and checking the Met Éireann website for updates throughout the coming days. At all times, safety considerations should be paramount,” concluded Spollen-Behrens.


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