Bus Strike will Cost €4m for Small Business

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bus Strike will cost small business

Day of “misery” for workers

The Director of the Small Firms Association Avine McNally has said that huge business losses will arise as a result of the Dublin Bus strike.

“SFA have been inundated with calls from companies reporting business interruption. The bus strike will result in €4 million lost productivity as people will be delayed arriving for work and many consumers will stay away from the City.”

According to McNally the day to day life of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people are disrupted because of this dispute. “The strike is creating misery for commuters whose aim is to get to work in order to earn a living.

“Businesses are facing yet more days of disruption as employees are late arriving for work and may have to depart early. While employees are making great efforts in attending work, there is still time lost and the overall cost in terms of days lost is difficult to access, but the SFA estimate if employees in Dublin lost just 30 minutes today the result is 53,431 days lost, a lost productivity cost of just over €4 million.

“The impact of this strike on businesses and workers is too great, both sides must engage with each other through the Labour Relations Commission to ensure a speedy outcome."


Avine McNally, Director, Small Firms Association at Tel: 01-6051633 or 087-6450205

Editors Note

CSO Quarterly National Household Survey, June 2012, total employment = 2,095,100
Public Sector Employment & Earnings, CSO, June 2012 = 385,300
Implies private sector employment = 1,709,800
Small Firms, i.e. those employing less than 50 employees account for approximately 50% of all private sector employment = 854,900
60% of SMEs based in Dublin = 512,940
Average 30 mins lost absence = 256,470 hours lost = 32,058 days on an 8 hour day
Average industrial earnings = €717.30 per week (daily rate approx €143).
Total Cost = €4,584,294 million.