Budget priorities

The SFA issues a summary of its pre-Budget submission to all Ministers, TDs, MEPs and Senators. The newsletter informs our elected representatives of the ongoing issues and concerns of small business in Ireland.

SFA pre-Budget submission 2021

27/08/2020 - The SFA's Budget 2021 submission focuses on five key priorities for small business in the areas of business environment, taxation, Brexit, training and the low-carbon economy. It also outlines the need for a national SME Growth Plan to set out a common vision for small businesses in Ireland. .. Read more

SFA priorities for Budget 2020

02/08/2019 - The Small Firm’s Association pre-Budget 2020 submission calls on government to nurture entrepreneurship and give small businesses the opportunity to enhance their productivity and increase resilience. .. Read more

SFA priorities for Budget 2019

08/08/2018 - There is a clear path open to the Government that would de-risk our economy from over-reliance on foreign direct investment and seize an important opportunity to future-proof our economic model. That is to focus on small business and support this important sector to fulfil its potential. .. Read more

SFA Backbencher Budget 2018

03/08/2017 - Continued economic growth cannot be taken for granted. Budget 2018 must give businesses the best possible opporunity to generate future economic growth by removing existing constraints and taking a "do no harm" approach with any new initiatives. .. Read more

SFA Backbencher Budget 2017

24/08/2016 - Ahead of Budget 2017, the SFA has called for a clear focus on competitiveness. The Backbencher newsletter, which is circulated to all TDs and Senators emphasises that Budget 2017 will chart a course at a time when Ireland’s economic future could follow a number of trajectories. It calls for strong signals to entrepreneurs and investors through the tax system and an ambitious investment programme to address infrastructure bottlenecks. .. Read more

SFA BackBencher Budget 2016

18/08/2015 - For many, the fragility of the crisis years has passed, but the recovery has not been consistent regionally or sectorally. Many small businesses are still waiting to feel the upturn. This Budget is critical to ensuring that the recovery is felt across the country, throughout the economy and that its impact is sustainable and job-rich. In its pre-Budget 2016 submission, the SFA has specifically called on the Government to .. Read more

SFA BackBencher Budget 2015

16/07/2014 - SFA members believe that tax changes to support investment and jobs will be most important in contributing to growth going forward. Small companies want: .. Read more

SFA BackBencher Budget 2014

23/09/2013 - €5.1 billion is due to be taken out of the economy over the next two years. It is not clear where this level of adjustment can occur without having a damaging effect on the economy. The greatest stimulus that Government could now give to the Irish economy would be to indicate an easing of the fiscal austerity. This would have a huge impact on consumer and business confidence. Entrepreneurs and the small business sector, given the right economic conditions will generate the .. Read more