SFA/Vodafone Speed Networking - Cork

The SFA, in partnership with Vodafone, is delighted to host FREE Speed-Networking events, which will provide attendees with an amazing opportunity to have a series of 3-minute one-on-one meetings with a wide variety of companies, to begin to build new business contacts.

Speed Networking allows people to discover in a very short space of time common areas of interest, which can act as a basis for developing ongoing business relationships, be it finding new clients, accessing new audiences or meeting strategic business partners.

Business networking is essential for any successful business, but we all know that it is not always easy to do. How often have you attended functions, with your business card in hand, clearing your throat and waiting to ‘pitch’, but the opportunity passes you by. Instead, you stand in the corner looking for someone you know, but end up leaving the event saying ……never again!

This event is DIFFERENT! Each ‘Meeting’ will last 3 minutes – when the whistle blows you will move to your next opportunity. Make sure to bring enough business cards, and also put a bit of thought into the message you want remembered!

The facilitated speed-networking session will last for 1 hour, guaranteeing you 20 new business contacts and will be immediately followed by refreshments and the opportunity to follow-up with those contacts that are serious prospects or to meet more participants in an informal setting.

The networking will be facilitated by Leanne Papaioannou from Chilli Pepper Marketing. Leanne is an international marketing professional specialising in innovative Customer Retention marketing strategies, one of the few specialist practitioners in the Irish market!

Registration for each event will be from 6.00pm, with the Speed-Networking session commencing promptly at 6.30pm. Due to the nature of the event, overall numbers will be limited to 100, with a maximum of 2 people from the same company in attendance.