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These Masterclasses are a sneak peek at the many innovative sessions that are running as part of the IITD 2021 'Best Coaching/Mentoring Initiative' Award-winning MentorsWork programme. Please see our website for more information or to apply: www.mentorswork.ie

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Masterclass | Working from Anywhere: Effective Virtual Leadership
  • Fri 30 July 1.00pm - 2.00pm

This Masterclass will focus on how technology helps us bridge the gap between the physical and virtual work environments, however to be an effective virtual leader you need to make a strong human connection with your team. Virtual leadership is challenging as companies need to find new ways to collaborate, engage, retain and lead remote teams and identify the optimal technologies to support these practices. This workshop will address these most commonly encountered issues providing a set of best practices and skills to support you in this new world of virtual work.

Masterclass | Accelerate your Growth – Double the Value of Your Business
  • Tue 10 Aug 12:00pm - 1.00pm

Grow your business in 2021 and beyond to achieve significant growth and double your business. This thought leadership masterclass will help you examine new opportunities & channels - including exporting, tendering and pivoting. We will help you to build a plan to take you there, identify the funding you need and the actions to achieve this.

Masterclass | Cybersecurity and your SME: Why and How to Protect your Business from today's Cyber Threats

  • Wed 11 Aug 1:00pm - 2.00pm

Hackers are increasingly turning to smaller, softer targets, and as smaller businesses increasingly fall prey to cyber attacks, the consequences can be devastating. This practical masterclass will provide business owners with the critical knowledge, insights and recommended methods by which to protect their business from email-phishing scams, social-media hijackings, ransomware, viruses and malware attacks.. a must for all businesses today.

Masterclass | Maximise Your Profits – Optimise Your Processes

  • Thur 12 Aug 1:00pm - 2.00pm

Every company is losing profits today because there is waste in their processes. Here is how to RECLAIM them! This dedicated Masterclass will show you how to use simple process mapping techniques to identify, quantify, eliminate, or reduce these wastes resulting in incremental profits and improved cash flow to your business. Turn everyday process waste into Euros.

Masterclass | Organic, Free Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business

  • Wed 18 Aug 12:00pm - 1.00pm

Getting that first meeting with target clients is often the hardest step with cold calling, networking events, and paid ad campaigns leading to inconsistent or fruitless results. This practical masterclass is designed to take the mystery out of lead and client generation, using key techniques to enable you to grow your business successfully and economically.

Masterclass | Change is Hard, but Embracing it brings Progress

  • Thur 26 Aug 1:00pm - 2.00pm

Change is constant, driven by a diverse range of disrupters from technology to financial and customer market fluctuations. How will you embrace change? Our Change Masterclass will focus on: Preparing for Change, your objectives, dealing with resistance & unplanned change. Manage Change, exploring tactics and bringing the team with you and Reinforce Change, creating sustainable initiatives.

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