SFA Employment Law Seminar

  • Thursday, 23 September 9.30am -1.00pm

The landscape around Irish employment law continues to rise and grow in complexity year on year. For small businesses who have to wear multiple hats within their company, the past year and a half has been particularly challenging for them.

Experience an informative and in-depth virtual seminar on 23 September, 2021 where we will explore HR topics and recent advancements this year, with discussions led by employment law experts. On top of increasing your knowledge on redundancies and occupational health & safety, you will also take away key insights on employee wellbeing which has become a big topic of concern. You will also receive practical and timely advice on new employment law legislations and codes of practice such as the remote working legislation, and the code of practice on the right to disconnect. This seminar will not only provide you with best practice approaches to ensure compliance with employment law, but it will also create the space for discussion.


9.30           Introduction and Welcome  |   Sven Spollen-Behrens, SFA Director
Re-entry Anxiety   |   Fiona Mulligan, Childhood Services Ireland HR Executive
10.25         Coffee Break
10.45         Recruitment V Redundancy   |  Emma Crowley, SFA HR Executive
Covid-19: Workplace Health & Safety   |   Fiona Mulligan & Emma Crowley
12.15         HR Update   |   Briana Duffy, Ibec Employer Relations Executive
Q&A & Closing   |   Sven Spollen-Behrens

Re-entry Anxiety

The impact of COVID-19 on employees not only includes the risks to their physical health, but also their mental health. As employers have been developing plans to bring employees back into the workplace a new term has come to light; ‘re-entry anxiety’. Employers need to be aware of the potential of re-entry anxiety amongst their employees and learn how they can support their wellbeing and manage any issues that may arise. Fiona Mulligan, Childhood Services Ireland (CSI) HR Executive will talk through guidance on simple, effective measures to help reduce stress and anxiety whilst supporting your employee’s overall wellbeing in the workplace.

Recruitment v Redundancy

A wide range of sectors are facing conflicting challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although some businesses had to close their doors for over 12 months, some firms experienced huge growth in sales and customer expectations. This brings the dilemma of staff retention and attrition. Emma Crowley, SFA HR Executive will present on challenges businesses are facing and will provide best practice and guidance in overcoming them.

Covid-19: Workplace Health & Safety

We will look at some of the specific duties of employers under current legislation and government guidance to ensure the safety, health and welfare of employees, providing business owners with guidance and a deeper understanding of their health and safety obligations. Employers will receive an overview of Government guidance such as the Work Safely Protocol and Health Safety Authority’s resources to enable businesses to maintain a safe workplace and prevent risk against COVID-19 transmission. Remote working will also be a particular focus and responsibilities for both employers and employees will be addressed.

HR update

Business disruptions caused by several lockdowns and reopenings have affected every type of business with employer's having to implement a variety of protocols. Join us for an HR update with an Ibec industry expert who will look at issues coming down the tracks for employers, such as Statutory Sick Pay, Remote and Flexible Working and changes to Family leave. They will also provide an update on recent changes in other pieces of Employment Law and HR and will provide guidance on how to best prepare for them.

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