Networking at the next level - FREE SEMINAR

SFA Business Bytes, with the support of Bord Gais Energy, are free monthly seminars for small business owner/mangers with the intention of making them more effective in their business.

Februarys seminar is covering Networking at the Next Level and will be presented and facilitated by Caitlin O'Connor from Accelerating Performance. No company can survive without customers. What if you were to retain all your customers that you did business with over the last year, receive a similar referral from each of these customer and then to find new customers? Your business would be thriving. Referrals have the highest potential of payoff. When you motivate others to refer you they become another channel to market.

In this programme you will discover how much more successful you would be if your values customers, suppliers and business partners were willing, capable and active in communicating what you do, to people in their circle of influence. The seminar will cover:
- Identifying a good referral partner
- Different ways to generate referrals
- Mapping your network
- Asking for referrals
- Achieving your referral goals
- Motivation of your referrers

This seminar is entirely free of charge for members to attend however you must pre register.