Employee relations - investigation and disciplinary - FREE SEMINAR

SFA Business Bytes, with the support of Bord Gais Energy, are free monthly seminars for small business owner/mangers with the intention of making them more effective in their business.

In November we take this popular series to Galway with a seminar focusing on employee relations and the procedure necessary when meeting with an employee in a formal capacity as part of your disciplinary procedure.

The seminar will be delivered by Alan Sherlock, executive in the Small Firms Association. It is absolutely crucial that where an employer decides formal action against an employee is necessary the correct procedure is followed to ensure any action taken will be valid. This seminar will look at this procedure in detail including:

  • The necessity of documentation
  • The purpose of the investigatory meeting
  • The rules of natural justice
  • The role of the representative
  • Failure to follow correct procedure has cost many employers considerably at the Employment Appeals Tribunal so this seminar is an absolute must for anyone that may have responsibility for action under your company disciplinary procedure.