Business Bytes - Skills for the 'difficult but essential' conversations in your business

Skills for the ‘difficult but essential’ conversations in your business

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Research reveals business owners spend an average of 12-15 valuable hours per week tidying up the results of bad communication – time that should be spent on driving revenue.

In the business world nothing gets done without conversation. Conversations happen through many channels: face-to-face; telephone; meetings; virtual meetings and email. While the majority of these conversations produce the desired outcome, most people struggle with having that ‘difficult but essential’ conversation. The implications of either avoiding the conversation or hosting the conversation unsuccessfully have a measurable impact on business performance and the bottom line. 

This seminar was delivered by Blair Steinbach, Co-Founder of GreenLine Conversations training. GreenLine Conversations is a scientifically-based methodology to enable people to have the tough conversations they need to have, but often avoid, in a more skilful and confident way, with better outcomes.