Business Bytes - Digital strategy for building meaningful B2B relationships

SFA Business Bytes, with the support of Bord Gáis Energy, offer unparalleled access to a wide range of high quality training events which are entirely free of change to attend.

Marketing online for B2B businesses is a challenge. This audience has a very particular mind frame dictating their online behaviour and likelihood for conversion. Creating a balance between this mind frame, the sales cycles and sales KPIs is a continuous challenge that many B2B business have not yet mastered.

Just as in B2C, optimising your online message for your B2B audience is all about creating meaningful relationships. Francis Mac Aonghus, Managing Director at encendo, shared best practice on how to engage and optimise the journey in a B2B context. This unique SFA seminar looked at the often-ignored B2B nuances, online behaviours and digital strategy approach. It provided a pragmatic approach to adopting a B2B digital strategy for your business.