8 October: Preparing to Trade with the UK Post Brexit – how to prepare for Customs

Whatever the shape of the future trading relationship with the UK post transition, trading conditions with the UK will change and businesses need to prepare for that change.  If your business is planning to move goods to, from or through the UK after the transition period ends then this webinar is for you.

In this 30-minute webinar, Carol Lynch, Partner, BDO Customs & International Trade Services looks at how Brexit will impact the import and export goods and the actions small firms will need to take to prepare for after the transition period.  
1. What will be different in terms of moving goods as opposed to how they move today? 
2. What is a Customs Declaration? 
3. What information do you need to provide to complete a Customs Declaration? 
4. What supports are there to help you with this? 
5. Where can you get a clearance agent? 
6. Can you complete these declarations in house? 
7. What supporting documents are required? 
8. What is the impact of customs tariffs if there is no Free Trade Agreement? 
9. What is the impact of a Free Trade Agreement? 
10. Case study 

Goods moving from a factory in Ireland through Dublin Port to Liverpool to  
a) sale and delivery to customer 
b) storage in a warehouse pending sale and delivery to customer 
           and the same in return 

Watch the webinar here.