4 March: Thinking Ahead | A Better Workday

These times of uncertainty are undeniably having a significant impact on our day to day lives and ways of working. Trying to adapt to the changes and new pressures can increase feelings of stress as we struggle to find the right balance between work and all the other things we do. There is no such thing as a perfect workday, however one could experience a significant improvement in their everyday lives by making one small change. Niamh Brady, of Niamh Brady Productivity Coaching and Head of Data Operations in Poppulo explores what small changes can be made to support our overall wellbeing.
Business owners and HR executives will leave the session inspired with ways to dial down the pressure and adapt more easily to the way things are.

Thinking Ahead is a monthly webinar series brought to you by the SFA and supported by Flogas. If offers small businesses access to expert information and advice from their office or home.

Playback the webinar here.