24 March: How data can accelerate Covid recovery for small business

In the last 12 months we have witnessed Irish resilience at its best. Outside of certain sectors such as hospitality, travel and food, many SMEs have sustained their businesses and the jobs of those they employ while facing the constant threats of Covid-19 and Brexit.
As we head towards Q2 2021, we look at how best we can accelerate recovery from the impact of a particularly challenging 12 months. One such way is to maximise the potential of an asset you already possess. From researching and planning, to accuracy in targeting new customers and enhancing customer service and satisfaction, the secret weapon for growth is your own data.

The SFA are delighted to team up with GeoDirectory, Ireland’s leading data intelligence expert for this webinar.

GeoDirectory’s CEO Dara Keogh will discuss the fear of data and how to overcome it. He will show how you can make it an integral part of your everyday processes in a practical way and to see a real difference in your bottom line. Dara will demonstrate both the tactical and the strategic uses of data with an emphasis on the major benefits of the latter. He will highlight simple steps to accelerate growth both with the data you already have at hand and the data you can add to enhance its effectiveness for greater results.

For this webinar we will also be joined by Geraldine Magnier, Director and co-owner of Idiro Analytics. Geraldine will talk about the 8 - 1 rule: how the data you already have is incredibly powerful in keeping and enhancing the value of your existing customer base.

Playback the webinar below.