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HR and Employment Law

Employment law continues to grow in complexity year on year. There are now 30 pieces of major employment legislation in Ireland that small businesses need to comply with. These significant increases in employment legislation can pose a major challenge to employers and specifically to small businesses that lack a dedicated HR team.

As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees receive their full employment rights and keep abreast of employment law legislation. Failure to comply can be costly and time consuming. It can damage employer relations as well as impact your business, attract a Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) inspection or in the worst case, a claim through the WRC adjudication services.

To help small businesses navigate the maze of employment law and keep good employer relations, the SFA has put together the HR and employment law web section. It includes a wide range of practical guidelines, sample contracts and policies, webinar videos, FAQs and much more to help your business comply with its employment law obligations.