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Health and Safety

Now more than ever, a healthy workforce is key to survival of a business. As companies restructure and resize, the employees left behind are often placed under increasing amounts of pressure and owner-managers need to be aware of this. With absenteeism costing small business close to €800 million each year, the organisation that is seeking to reduce costs may very well look to the cost of absenteeism in their own business and the impact that workplace welfare may have on this. There are over 200 separate Acts and Statutory instruments which regulate how businesses manage health & safety and the Small Firms Association has both expertise and publications available in this area.

All employers are legally obliged to have a Health & Safety Statement in place, which includes a detailed risk assessment. A survey from the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) showed that 53 percent of safety statements did not fully comply with legislative duties. These findings show that while many employers have safety statements in place, they are not effectively managing their health and safety risks to the HSA’s expected standards. In this section, members will find the tools to help them improve their compliance levels.