National Workplace Wellbeing Day May 1st 2020

Although National Workplace Wellbeing Day has past, the SFA encourages all small business to get involved and continue to promote workplace wellbeing to their staff throughout the year. Workplace wellness initiatives have proven to reduce absenteeism, enhance employee engagement and increase productivity.

To learn more visit National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2020.

As part of National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2020, the Small Firms Association partnered with DeCare, who are our wellness partner. In this video webinar we are joined by David Casey, DeCare’s wellness health promotion manager for Ireland and Europe who discusses wellbeing in the workplace ideas and activities that all businesses can engage in regardless of their size or budget. David also provide tips and advice on how to plan a wellness programme for the remainder of 2020.

Remote working is a change for many but that does not mean wellbeing gets forgotten. Listed below are different wellness options that small business owner-managers can use to engage with their workforce this National Workplace Wellbeing Day. 

  • Lunchtime 2K – encourage employees, their families and housemates to get out for a walk this Friday lunchtime. Ask your staff to share a photo of their safe social distancing walk at lunch, and share a collage with us on twitter or Instagram (@sfa_irl) by using the hash tags #WorkWell20 #SFA

Why not do some guided virtual exercise together!
  • Hold a bake off, share a healthy recipe with your staff and encourage bakers young and old to get involved or ask the company’s best baker to hold a virtual baking lesson!
  • Learn more about nutrition and healthy eating at home and in the office by visiting Healthy Ireland.
  • Share articles on nutrition such as this one from the SFA’s Better Business Magazine.

Mental health

  • Financial wellbeing is your ability to confidently manage your money and plan for the future, regardless of how much money you have. To learn more about financial wellbeing visit SFA partner Bank of Ireland for more information.
  • Visit the SFA Wellness in the Workplace platform to learn more.

Visit the SFA Wellness in the Workplace platform to learn more on how small business-owners can adapt wellness initiatives into their businesses.