Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

SFA Guideline on dealing with Stress in the Workplace

The concept of stress at work is not a new phenomenon, but it is one that has led to increasing problems for all employers in recent times. Stress in the workplace has serious implications for the company, in the form of increased absenteeism, a less productive workforce, faulty decision making and ultimately the possibility of legal action being taken against the company for negligence or constructive dismissal. Thus it has become increasingly important for companies to develop a strategy to combat stress at work. Companies should be proactive in this area, identifying a strategy for dealing with stress at work, which can include a .. Read more

Mental Health in the Workplace

The stress of the economic downturn, losing a job or having money worries has a different effect on each of us. It’s hardly surprising that it can affect some people’s mental and physical health. This can lead to pressures on individuals, relationships, families and friends and in the workplace. The SFA have put together a guideline just pointing out some of the signs to watch for it you yourself or a loved one are experiencing some signs of a mental illness. Like our physical health we also .. Read more

Work Related Stress

Stress is a feeling, an emotional state of fear and threat, with physical, mental and behavioural consequences. As an employer you have a duty to ensure as far as you reasonably can, that workplace activities do not put employees under undue pressure leading to stress. Small businesses cannot afford the cost of absences and under-performance due to stress and increased possible errors and accidents associated with stressed employees. Not to mention litigation costs if it comes to that. This guideline talks about .. Read more