It is advisable for companies to state the normal retirement age of the company. There is no statutory retirement age in Ireland and employees over the age of 65 are now covered by redundancy legislation, unfair dismissal legislation and equality legislation.

Retirement Planning

There is no fixed national retirement age for employees in Ireland. Although there is a statutory retirement age established by law for certain jobs (eg, members of the judiciary), in general, employers use the employment contract to set out... .. Read more

Benefits of Having a Retirement Policy

In addition to including the compulsory retirement age in the contract of employment, it is useful for an organisation to include a fuller policy on retirement in the company handbook (which employees are required to confirm in writing that they have received and read). The policy will generally .. Read more

SFA Webinar - Managing Retirement

Playback a SFA webinar and access the presentation on managing retirement from June 2017... .. Read more