It is advisable for companies to have a contractual retirement age detailed in the contract of employment or company handbook. There is an increased focus from employees and on a policy level for employees to work beyond the traditional retirement age of 65.

There is no statutory retirement age in Ireland and employees over the age of 65 are covered by redundancy legislation, unfair dismissal legislation and equality legislation. SFA members can download our resources on retirement planning including our sample retirement planning to manage retirement and requests for longer working

SFA Sample Retirement Policy

In order to manage retirement in your business, it is important to have a compulsory retirement age in the contract of employment and a fuller retirement policy on retirement and managing requests for longer working in line with the recommendations from the Code of Longer Working. SFA members can download our sample retirement policy and rework it for their own business. .. Read more

Retirement Planning

There is no fixed national retirement age for employees in Ireland and there is an increased focus on longer working both from employees and on a policy level. With this increased focus businesses should consider how they manage retirement in the workplace and avoid discrimintating against their employees on the grounds of age in relation to retirement. .. Read more

SFA Webinar - Managing Retirement

Playback a SFA webinar and access the presentation on managing retirement from June 2017... .. Read more