SFA Webinar - Managing Redundancy (Updated 20 May 2020)

Watch our webinar from 20 May 2020 on managing redundancies... .. Read more

SFA Guideline on Redundancy

A redundancy situation generally arises where an employee's job no longer exists and where he/she is not replaced. This guideline aims to provide employers with information and guidance on redundancy and related matters. This is a general guide and will serve as a reference only. A redundancy situation generally arises where .. Read more

Redundancy Payments

The Department of Social Protection website has a redundancy calculator on line which will help you calculate redundancy .. Read more

Inability to Pay Redundancy Payment

Where an employer can prove to the satisfaction of the Department of Social Protection that it is unable to pay the statutory redundancy to its employees, and if it were to pay it, the outcome would mean the loss of more jobs from the company. In order to rescue more jobs the Department has agreed to make lump sum payments directly to the employees who have been chosen for redundancy and .. Read more

Sample Letters for Redundancy

Redundancy correspondence templates .. Read more