Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is one of the key human resource management functions in any organisation, whatever its size or business. The objective of any recruitment and selection policy is to obtain the right person for the right job at the right time in a cost-effective manner. To achieve this objective, an organisation must involve itself in a number of different processes from human resource planning, right through to selection and induction. The effort and cost in recruiting key skills mean that retention of these skills is a very important part of the process, and of course, the impact of employment legislation must be borne in mind.

SFA Guideline on Recruitment and Selection & The Equality Implications

Recruiting the right talent is an important part of business. Some of us will have experienced the negative effects of hiring an employee that is not suited to a particular business. An effective recruitment process will reduce employee turnover... .. Read more

Pre-employment checks: Medicals & References

The Employment Equality Act 1998 prohibits discrimination on the grounds of disability. The disability definition contained in the Act is extremely broad and applies to people with both physical and mental disabilities. If the recruitment and selection process includes a pre-employment medical, it is best that candidates complete the medical .. Read more

Sample Job Application Form

Application forms set out the information on a candidate in a standardised format. They provide a structured basis for drawing up short lists, the interview itself and for the subsequent actions in offering an... .. Read more

SFA Webinar - Recruitment & Selection

Playback a SFA webinar on recruitment and selection for small business. .. Read more