Record Keeping and WRC Inspections

Record Keeping Requirements

Employers should be aware of their responsibility to maintain certain documents under different pieces of employment legislation. Employers need to be able to produce records to show compliance with the legislation in the event of an inspection from the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC). The SFA have produced a Guideline with a list of all the different areas of legislation, what documents need to be collected and for how long you will need to maintain these records. .. Read more

WRC Inspections

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) aims to secure compliance with employment rights legislation through inspection and prosecution services. These services were formerly operated by the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA). Under the Workplace Relations Act 2015, which came into effect on 1 October 2015, the WRC monitors employment conditions through its Inspection Services to ensure the compliance and enforcement of employment rights legislation. .. Read more