Performance Management

People work best when they know what is expected of them, why they are doing it and how they are progressing. Goals and challenges enhance focus and aid achievement. Only when there is clear direction and focus, with everyone working towards a common purpose, will your organisation achieve its full potential. In the competitive environment in which organisations operate today, it is essential that we maximise people’s contribution. The performance management process is designed to deliver the organisations’ goals by motivating people and assisting them to perform to their full potential.

Induction Training Checklist

A quality induction process will ensure that your new employees settle in well as soon as possible and understand what is expected of them. This document provides employers with a guideline and checklist to ensure all aspects of induction training are dealt with .. Read more

Performance Appraisals

This document will give you a stucutre and checklist for conducting quality performance appraisals. Performance review discussions enable a perspective to be obtained on past performance as a basis for making plans for the future. An overall view is taken of the progress made. Performance and development reviews provide employers and employees with the opportunity to reflect on past performance as a basis for making .. Read more

Performance Related Pay Guide

Performance related pay (PRP) provides individual employees with financial rewards linked to an assessment of their work performance. This guideline outlines the concept of various performance related pay schemes and their advantages and disadvantages... .. Read more