Part-Time Employees

SFA Guideline on Employing Part-Time Employees

The Protection of Employees (Part-Time Work) Act 2001 defines a part-time worker as any employee who works less than a comparable full-time worker. The SFA have produced a guideline on Employing Part-Time Employees. The guideline outlines the main purposes of the Protection of Employees (Part-Time Work) Act ,2001 which are: .. Read more

SFA Part-Time Employees Sample Policy

The SFA have produced a sample part-time workers policy. This is a sample only and needs to be tailored in accordance with the needs of your own organisation. It deals in .. Read more

How is Annual Leave Calculated for Part-Time Employees?

If a part-time employee is employed for the full leave year, and works 1,365 hours or more, he/she will be entitled to four of his or her working weeks as annual leave. It is important to remember that 4 working weeks, means four of that employee’s working weeks. So, if the employee works a three day week, then four of his / her working weeks amounts to 12 days. However, .. Read more