SFA Guideline on m-Working as a Concept

Through its flexibility and efficiency m-Working has been identified as a valuable add-on that a company can offer to both current and potential employees. With good management m-Working can prove to be a beneficial asset for both .. Read more

SFA Guideline on m-Working and the Company

This guideline explains the process for a company that is considering introducing m-Working or is seeking to formalise a practice already in place. It will explain the various steps involved from the feasibility study to evaluation .. Read more

SFA Guideline on m-Working and the Employee

This guideline will specifically look at the impact that mobile working will have on the employee and what life is like as an m-Worker. It will profile the ideal m-Worker and give the employer the necessary tools for assessing the suitability of a candidate for m-Working. It also .. Read more

Sample Policy for m-Workers

An m-Worker is defined as an employee of the company that conducts their business on behalf of the company entirely independent of location. This document is a sample policy for m-Working which the SFA have produced for .. Read more

Sample m-Working Agreement

The following sample m-Working agreement sets out some key areas that should be agreed upon before embarking on an m-Working arrangement. Details of m-Working agreements will vary according to .. Read more

Sample m-Working Application Form

This document is a sample m-Working application form which the SFA have produced for employers to give to employees who wish to apply to do .. Read more

Tax Implications for m-Working

This document provides information on the tax implications of mobile working. It discusses: .. Read more

Sample Inventory Form

This document is a sample form that can be used to keep record of equipment given to m-Workers to enable them .. Read more

Home Working Health & Safety Self - Assessment Questionnaire

This document is a sample home working health questionnaire that should be given to employee to carry out an initial self assessment of the adequacy of their proposed home office from a health and safety perspective. Get the .. Read more

Sample m-Working Weekly Hours Log

This document is a sample form that can be used to record the weekly hours of .. Read more