Leave Entitlements

This section outlines the legislation governing statutory leave entitlements such as annual leave, maternity leave, adoptive leave, parental leave and carer's leave and also other special types of leave.

SFA Guideline on Annual Leave and Public Holidays

Statutory annual leave and public holiday entitlements are set out under Part III of the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997. This Guideline aims to provide employers with information on annual leave and public holidays. Both the legal and non-legal aspects are considered. There is no qualifying period for annual leave. All employees regardless of status (meaning full-time, part-time or temporary) or service qualify for paid annual leave based on the hours they work. Qualification is on the basis of .. Read more

Leave Planner for Employees

Here you will find a leave planner that will assist companies maintain leave records easily. Ensure to populate a leave record for each employee each year It is important to... .. Read more

SFA Guideline on Maternity Leave, Adoptive Leave and Paternity Leave

The Maternity Protection Acts1994 and 2004 provide a number of basic rights to females in employment to a right to maternity leave and additional maternity leave. There are no legal obligations on an employer to pay an employee whilst they are on maternity or additional maternity leave, however an employee is entitled to paid time of work to attend both ante-natal/post-natal care and certain ante-natal classes. Employers must also conduct a hazard assessment for every employee once they have been informed that the employee is pregnant. Where the hazard assessment shows a risk to the employees working conditions this may .. Read more

Paternity Leave Sample Policy and Application Form

The Paternity Leave and Benefits Act 2016 allows "relevant parents" to avail of 2 weeks paternity leave for children born/placed on or after 1st September 2016. It is advised that employers draft a paternity leave policy to ensure that all staff are made aware of their rights and obligations under the new legislation. .. Read more

SFA Webinar - Paternity Leave and Benefits

Playback a SFA webinar on the Paternity Leave and Benefits Act 2016. The webinar explored the rights and entitlements afforded by the new legislation and the main considerations for employers... .. Read more

Maternity Leave Chart - Employer and Employee Responsibilities under the Maternity Protection Acts

The SFA has devised a chart which encapsulates both employer and employee responsibilities under the maternity Protection Acts, 1994 and 2004. All female employees who are pregnant, who have recently given birth or who are breastfeeding up to the 26th week after the date of confinement are covered by the Maternity Protection Acts irrespective of length of service. Maternity and its associated protections including leave and notification periods charges both employee and .. Read more

Pregnancy Employment Risk Assessment Form

Employers are legally obliged to carry out a risk assessment when a female employee advises she is pregnant. This form assists .. Read more

SFA Guideline on Parental and Force Majeure Leave

The purpose of the Parental Leave Acts 1998 to 2006 is to provide an entitlement to parents of young children unpaid time of up to 18 weeks off work to take care of their child. The Acts also provides an entitlement to employees to have a number of paid days leave, know as force majeure leave, to deal with an unforeseen emergency situations relating to specific close family members that may arise. As of the 8th March 2013 parental leave will now increase from 14 weeks to 18 weeks. Some other changes under the amended legislation are: .. Read more

SFA Guideline on Special Leave and Career Breaks

The SFA have produced a guideline on Special Leave and Career Breaks. Special leave is permitted absence by an employer for specific reasons other than annual leave, public holiday entitlements and legislative leave entitlements. It may be paid or unpaid. Paid leave is usually of a .. Read more

SFA Guideline on Carer's Leave

The SFA have produced a guideline on Carer's Leave. The purpose of Carer's Leave is to allow an employee take time off from work in order to provide full time care to a person who is suffering from a serious illness. During this leave an employees employment rights are protected. The guideline attached .. Read more

Jury Service Leave

The Juries Act 1976 places a civic duty on individuals to provide jury service when chosen to do so by random selection. The Act has a number of provisions aimed specifically at an employer’s obligations to employees who are requested to undertake jury service. These provisions are .. Read more