Grievance and Disputes Procedures

All grievances should be considered as potential disputes and handled in accordance with an agreed procedure. Correct procedures show an employer to be acting fairly and reduce the scope for inconsistency. If grievances are not dealt with, they are likely to fester and result in bad employee relations. Poor grievance handling can also affect staff morale while an effective process can be an important means to release pressures and tension that build up in the workplace.

SFA Guideline on Grievance / Disputes Procedures

The SFA have produced a guideline on grievance and dispute handling. An important element in any agreements with employees is the provision for handling grievances or disputes that may arise, whether as a result of a difference of interpretation of the terms of the agreement, or any other conflict issues. The benefits .. Read more

Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

This code of practice provides general guidelines on the application of grievance and disciplinary procedures and the promotion of best practice in giving effect to such procedures. While arrangements for handling disputes and grievance issues .. Read more

Thinking Ahead: Grievances and Disputes Procedures webinar

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