Employing Non- EEA Nationals

SFA Guideline on Employing Non-EEA Nationals

The SFA have produced a guideline on Employing Non-EEA Nationals. As the area of employing non-EEA nationals becomes more complicated this guideline outlines the key considerations and processes in recruiting non-EEA nationals. The guideline covers how to recruit non-EEA nationals on green card and work permits. It also discusses employment permit holders who have been placed on lay off/short time, permit holders who have been made redundant, Spousal/Civil Partners and Dependent Permits, Graduate Schemes and non-EEA Students .. Read more

Changes to Bulgarians and Romanians Accessing the Irish Labour Market

In July 2012 the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation issued a press statement relating to Bulgarians and Romanians seeking employment in Ireland. The particular restrictions that have existed in Ireland since 2007 where a Bulgarian and Romanian national was required to hold an .. Read more

Changes to Work Permits and Green Card Permits

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) announced changes to the employment permit system in April 2009. From 1 June 2009 changes apply to first-time work permit applications and the restrictions that apply to permits. .. Read more

Employment Permits and Redundancy

A non-EEA national who is made redundant and has been working on a work permit or working visa/work authorisation, must notify the employment permits section of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation as soon as possible after they have been notified of their redundancy .. Read more

Transitional Arrangements for the Student Immigration Scheme

In September 2010, the Department of Justice announced the proposed introduction of a new student visa immigration regime. This new regime came into effect from 1 January 2011 and includes the introduction of maximum periods of residence in the State on foot of student permission, as well .. Read more