Diversity for small businesses

Welcome to the SFA section on diversity for small businesses. We have added a number of resources to this section such as our webinar on diversity in small businesses for transgender and international employees.

You will also find workplace guidelines for transgender and older employees and we will continue to populate this section as new resources become available on the area of diversity in the workplace.

Age diversity

23/10/2019 - With up to five generations working alongside each other and more employees seeking to remain in work beyond the perceived traditional retirement age, misunderstandings may arise amongst the generations. This is where diversity and inclusion can help. In this video webinar, Helen Quinn, SFA Executive, explores how small businesses can embrace age diversity to help their employees thrive and maximise the opportunities that age diversity can offer. .. Read more

SFA Webinar - Embracing diversity within the small business context

28/11/2018 - This SFA webinar gives you a brief overview of what is diversity, what does it look like and how it can be strengthened within your business... .. Read more