Company Handbook

A Company handbook can be a means of communication, a source of reference and an aid to induction and training. It can be used to inform employees of the terms and conditions of employment, benefits, policies and the special rules that apply within an organisation. A well written, properly used handbook is an effective management tool. In this section you can download our guide to drafting a company handbook and if you are unsure of what policies you need to include, our handy checklist will assist you in this.

Company Handbook Checklist

The SFA have produced a checklist aimed at small businesses for their company handbook. It has four sections that lists the policies that every business should have, recommended policies and policies that are specific to your sector. It also includes a list of resources that you can use to help draft your company policies. .. Read more

A Guide to Drafting a Company Handbook

A company handbook should outline standards of conduct and safety, company regulations and the administrative procedures used to facilitate the efficient running of the business. This guide offers a checklist and sample clauses to assist companies in drafting a handbook. .. Read more