Absenteeism and Sick Leave

Absence management is an important step in addressing business costs. Because of competitive pressures, companies can no longer afford to carry unnecessary absence that they may have tolerated in the past. Therefore, many companies are focusing on the issue of eliminating, or at least reducing, unnecessary levels of absence.

SFA Guide on Managing Absenteeism

This publication will give you a process to manage absence levels and an absence and sick pay policy template which can be tailored for any business. .. Read more

Absenteeism due to Inclement Weather Conditions

This article contains SFA guidelines on how to handle situations where employees are unable to attend work due to poor weather conditions or disruption to transport services, as well as a company policy template on absence due to bad or inclement weather. .. Read more

Dealing with Long Term Absenteeism

The SFA have produced a best practice approach on how to deal with a staff member who is absent for a long time. Employee's can accrue service entitlements as well as annual leave and public holidays while on sick leave, so it is important to manage the situation closely and engage with the employee throughout the time they are away from work. .. Read more

SFA Guideline on Sick Pay Schemes

Trying to manage a sick pay scheme? Here you will find an SFA guideline that outlines the main provisions that an employer should consider when introducing or reviewing an occupational sick pay scheme. The introduction and operation of a sick pay scheme should not contribute to higher absence levels in an organisation. For this reason particular attention is given to .. Read more