Revenue Matters

PAYE Modernisation

The Irish Tax Institute, the SFA and the Institute of Directors have launched a new guide to help over 200,000 employers across Ireland to get ready for the biggest change in Revenue’s payroll reporting and compliance regime in almost 60 years. .. Read more

Tax Payment Difficulties

It is a core objective of Revenue to support and facilitate businesses and taxpayers to comply with their tax return filing and tax payment obligations on a timely basis every time. Revenue expects that businesses and taxpayers supported and assisted by their agents or tax practitioners organise their financial affairs to ensure that tax debts are paid as they fall due. Where that expectation is not fulfilled then Revenue takes appropriate measures to address the late or non-compliance. Arising from the efforts of .. Read more

Understanding Tax for Small Business

Tax is a major cost consideration for all businesses, and the Irish Taxation Institute have produced a free guide which gives an overview of the tax issues that all SMEs should consider. This .. Read more