Public Procurement

Maximising Procurement Opportunities for SMEs

According to the 2012 Action Plan for Jobs, there are particular opportunities for new and established SMEs to secure new business and employment. As an initial step, the National Procurement Service has established a new Working Group to Assist SMEs, of which .. Read more

New Guidance Note for Public Sector Suppliers

The National Procurement Service (NPS) has published a new guidance notice for companies involved in public procurement. It identifies practical solutions to challenges companies typically face. There was also a notice published for public sector buyers to assist them in interpretation of good .. Read more

SME Public Procurement Guidelines

The Department of Finance published guidelines to enable SMEs to access Ireland's public procurement market of €16 billion per year. An SFA survey found that almost 60% of Irish SMEs believe that serious problems and obstacles exist with .. Read more

Tendering for Public Sector Contracts

The National Public Procurement Operations Unit has produced a Guide to Tendering for Public Sector Contracts, which explains the fundamental principles the public sector observes in all its dealings with suppliers. In order to successfully address public sector markets in Ireland, it is essential for suppliers to understand how the public sector operates and how to respond effectively to its needs. The public sector environment differs .. Read more