SFA submission to the public consultation for a new ‘Automatic Enrolment’ Retirement Savings System

The SFA made a submission to the Employment Affairs and Social Protection consultation on the proposed introduction of an Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System. .. Read more

Employer contributions to PRSAs - Income Tax, PRSI and USC

The Revenue Commissioners have clarified how Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) are to be treated for Income Tax, PRSI and USC purposes .. Read more

National Pensions Framework

The Government’s recently launched National pensions framework suggests a number of changes to the pensions landscape. SFA will take part in extensive consultations on the scheme, which will be introduced from 2014. The main proposals are listed .. Read more

Pension Options for Small Business Owners

As a company director or executive you have the option of starting one of the following pensions. PRSA, Personal Pension or Company Pension. Essentially, a PRSA is a tax approved investment account for retirement purposes. Its main objective is to combine elements of the existing personal pension and occupational pension regimes. PRSAs were introduced by the Pensions (Amendment) Act, 2002. Under the Act, a PRSA is an account established by an individual with a PRSA provider under the terms of a PRSA contract. PRSA providers are persons authorised to produce, market or sell PRSA products, under .. Read more

Pensions Information for the Employer

Whether we like to think about it or not, retirement becomes a reality for the majority of us. The good news is that people retiring today tend to live longer and fuller lives than before. In order for us to have the type of lifestyle we would like in retirement we need to plan and save for it, and a pension is one way of doing that. As we are an ageing population in Ireland, it is important that individuals make .. Read more