Controlling insurance costs is one of the most critical factors affecting the successful running of any small enterprise. To do this every small business must be in a position to get the best information, advice and assistance available to them. The aim of this section is to provide in a clear and concise format the major areas of insurance and how small business can control insurance costs in areas such as employer, public and product liability, motor and general insurance.

Business Insurance Overview - Explanation of Covers Available

Business insurance is a complex subject, as diverse as business itself. Selecting an insurer and/or broker experienced in business exposures and the commercial insurance market is extremely important. At start up and throughout the life of your business it is important that .. Read more

The Principles of Insurance

When taking into account the most appropriate type of insurance for your business it might be worthwhile considering the principles upon which insurance is based, they include .. Read more

Choosing a Broker

Your insurance broker should serve as a business partner who takes an active role in helping your company adequately prepare for the future. For the small business owner in search of a dependable, reliable insurance broker, there are a number of options. Brokers operate in .. Read more

Selecting the Right Insurance Cover for your Business

All too often, a business learns the hard way that it is under-insured. Instead of assuming you have the right insurance cover, what you should do instead is meet with an insurer or an insurance broker to evaluate your business needs. Brokers represent more than one .. Read more

Safety at Work - Risk Management and Loss Control

The purpose of this guide is, firstly, to introduce you to the concept of risk management and provide you with the insurer’s perspective on risk management. Secondly, it defines the areas that frequently impact on an insurance portfolio. The guide contains general information relating to .. Read more

Claims management - Do's and Don'ts

In order for an insurance product to be exceptional, it must provide a superior claims service. This guide highlights some of the do’s and don’ts when .. Read more

Money savings tips

Insurance premiums can be a substantial cost for many businesses, however there are various steps that a company can introduce in order to reduce their insurance cost. This guide .. Read more

Completing a Proposal Form

Completion of a proposal form should be done in cooperation with your insurer and/or broker. There are a number of general areas contained within the majority of commercial proposal forms, which .. Read more

Renewing Your Business Insurance - Key Factors to Consider

It's important to make sure your existing policy coverage is up to date with your current business and personal situation. Take some time to check any changes that .. Read more

Business Submission Form

Here you will find a sample Business Submission Form that has to be completed when you are applying for .. Read more

Small Business Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

Operating a business is difficult enough without having to be concerned about suffering significant financial loss, due to unforeseen events occurring. Insurance protects you .. Read more