Financial Matters

Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP)

In Budget 2018, the Minister for Finance announced a new scheme called KEEP, an incentive to facilitate the use of share-based remuneration by unquoted SMEs to attract and retain key employees. This article provides details of the scheme that may be of interest to members and calculations of the tax liability arising pre- and post-KEEP for a sample scenario. .. Read more

Video Webinar: Taxation Series – PAYE Health Check

This SFA webinar provides members with information on company cars, company loans, contractors, inbound and outbound employees and various other PAYE considerations. .. Read more

Video Webinar: Taxation Series - Tax Tips for your Business

This webinar will provides advice and tips on corporate taxes small businesses encounter. .. Read more

How Basel 11 Impacts on the Way that Banks deals with Business Customers

Business customers will have noticed that banks have adopted a more standardised approach in their dealings with them. New banking regulations have driven this change. Just as money laundering legislation requires banks to obtain documentary evidence of proof of identity and proof of address from businesses who deal with them, the European Capital Requirements Directive (Often referred to as BASEL 11) requires .. Read more

Maintaining a Healthy Credit Score

In the current business environment, cash flow is king. Maintaining a good credit score and having a high credit limit can help you get new credit facilities or extend existing terms which in turn can have a positive effect on your cash flow. Every owner manager understands the importance of credit and a company also needs to ensure they are eligible to .. Read more

PAYE modernisation and 9 other essential things about business taxation

Playback a recording of our Business Bytes event from November 2018 which focuses on PAYE modernisation and 9 other essential things about business taxation... .. Read more

The Professional Insolvency Bill

There has been general consensus that a change to the existing structures for the resolution of personal insolvency is necessary. The Personal Insolvency Bill represents the Government’s proposals to implement reform in this area. The Bill proposes the introduction of three non-judicial debt settlement arrangements and a reform of the existing bankruptcy regime. The proposals will allow for the write down or restructuring of both secured and unsecured debt owed by .. Read more

Understanding Tax for Small Businesses

Like any other overhead, tax is a cost that needs to be managed and controlled by all businesses in as efficient a manner as possible. This is of paramount importance to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) given the importance of cash-flow management. This guide which has been prepared by the Irish taxation Institute is intended to provide businesses within this sector with practical advice as to what they should do to manage their tax affairs in .. Read more