Water and Wastewater

Addressing the Challenge of Local Authority Costs

A new comprehensive report of commercial rates and water charges across the country has been published for 2013. The report found that businesses continue to pay boom time rates, despite the fact that many remain under intense financial pressure. Business pays €1.4 billion every year in commercial rates and a further €200 million in water charges. Companies operating in the domestic economy have seen turnover fall by 25% in recent years, but this has not been reflected in local charges. Local authorities need to reduce their costs and pass on the savings. Almost all authorities are charging substantially more than they did in 2007. The report also shows that water charges are rising in many areas, but it is not clear how much, if any, of the extra money is being invested in the water service. The current system lacks transparency and .. Read more

Managing Water and Utility Interruptions

There maybe some incidences where employers have no water supply and have difficulties in providing drinking water and sanitary provisions to staff. The HSA have indicated that as long as an employer is making some arrangements for drinking water and for sanitary provisions (such as hiring in temporary facilities or arrangements with nearby facilities) or arrangements nearby with facilities) that given that this is an issue outside the employers .. Read more

Water and Wastewater

All businesses consume water, either directly as part of their production process or indirectly. Having consumed this water the resulting wastewater – arising directly from the production process or indirectly, e.g. canteen/kitchen waste – must be dealt with. Statutory responsibility for management and protection rests primarily with local authorities. The Water Pollution Acts, 1977 and 1990 and, most recently, the Water Services Act, 2007 are the primary legislation relating to .. Read more