Economic Outlook

Economic Outlook - Sustaining Economic Recovery - Quarter 1 2015

Ibec’s Quarterly Economic Outlook for the first quarter of 2015 published in April predicts the Irish economy will continue to outperform the rest of Europe and grow by an impressive 5.4% this year (GDP forecast revised up from Q4 2014 forecast of 4.8%). The Outlook also contains the .. Read more

Economic Outlook - Choose Growth and Jobs - Quarter 2 2014

According to the latest edition of Ibec's Economic Outlook report, the economy is well in recovery mode, confident consumers are spending again, investment is recovering and exports have increased. However, unemployment is still too high and the leading policy priority for the new cabinet must be to put more people back to work. This report will give you more information on .. Read more

Economic Outlook - Balanced Recovery Taking Hold - Quarter 1 2014

Below you will find the Ibec Economic Outlook newsletter for quarter 1 of 2014 which forecasts the key economic variables. This newsletter edition discusses Ibec’s revised upwards 2014 GDP growth projection to 2.9%, and said investment in the economy will increase by 21.5% (previous projection 15.5%) and consumer spending will increase by 1.9% (previous projection 1.3%) this year. It predicted another good year for jobs, with approximately 50000 new jobs and unemployment dropping to 10.9% this year, and still further to 9.6% in 2015. Key issues highlighted in the forecasts include .. Read more

Economic Outlook - Here Comes the Growth - December 2013

The jobs recovery in the Irish economy this year has been spectacular. It is the clearest evidence yet that we are heading into a virtuous growth cycle. Strong GDP growth of close to 3% will return in 2014 but the recovery is already clearly underway. We must not be complacent, however, and government must deliver an ambitious post-bailout reform and .. Read more

Economic Outlook – Signs of Renewed Economic Momentum - July 2013

IBEC have published their latest Quarterly Economic Outlook which said that despite a weak start to the year there were clear signs that the economy had picked up in recent months. The group said it was cautiously optimistic that a better performance in the second half of the year would off-set the poor economic figures of the first quarter. IBEC nevertheless warned that consumers remained nervous and said it was vital that the budget did not undermine confidence by increasing taxes. The second half of the year would .. Read more

Economic Outlook - January 2013

Below you will find the January 2013 quarterly newsletter from Irish Business and Employers Confederation which forecasts the key economic variables. This newsletter edition discusses how 2013 can be the turning point for the domestic economy and growth prospects for emerging economies. Also discussed is .. Read more