Various Information to Assist Small Business

Code of Conduct between Landlords and Tenants for Commercial Rents

Code of Conduct between Landlords and Tenants for Commercial Rents aims to encourage the resolution of landlord-tenant disputes that have arisen due to Covid restrictions. .. Read more

Cyber security month - October 2020

October is cyber seurity month across the EU. In these pages you will find information on cyber threats, how small firms can protect their part of cyberspace and learn about the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cyber security.. .. Read more

Webinar - make your SFA membership work for you

Playback the SFA webinar on getting the most out of your SFA membership... .. Read more

SFA Webinar: Perpetual Motion – The Characteristics of Successful Retailers

Playback a webinar on perpetual motion: the characteristics of successful retailers. .. Read more

SFA Webinar - Building Greater Value in Your Business

Playback a SFA webinar on the delivered by Gerard O'Reilly of Crowe Horwath on how to build greater value in your business... .. Read more

Lobbying Act - your business may need to register

The Lobbying Act is explained, including who is a lobbyist and a Designated Public Official and what is a relevant matter. Advice is provided for small firms on how to comply with this legislation .. Read more

Advice on PABX Security

A private automatic branch exchange (PABX) is an automatic telephone switching system within a private enterprise. The exchange is subject to fraud and Irish Telecommunications Security Fraud Forum has put together some customer tips to combat this fraud... .. Read more

Consumer Rights Directive - make sure you comply

The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) came into force in 2014 and introduced a number of important changes to consumer law. It provides consumers with increased protection in distance selling (e.g. online) and off-premises (e.g. doorstep sales) contracts. The CRD was implemented in Ireland as Regulations. These have introduced a number of new provisions and changes to existing obligations which traders must comply with, including an extended withdrawal period. .. Read more

SFA Webinar - Trends in the Irish Hospitality Sector

Playback a SFA webinar on current trends in the hospitality sector .. Read more