Below are some testimonials from members of the SFA.

Our CEO is Graham Byrne Chairman of the SFA

Colin Canny, Flender
W: flender.ie/

I see the SFA as an integral part of our business, especially on the HR side. When you run your own business you suddenly have to be experts in all these area's and you are relying on your gut, it can be nerve racking. With the HR issues I consult the SFA first, it gives me confidence in the decisions I am making.

Tara Doyle, SupportIT
W: www.supportit.ie/

The services provided by SFA are exemplary, especially with regards to advice, templates, procedures and policies on employment law and Human Resource Management. While Veterinary Ireland HQ staff can provide a first line of assistance to members on such matters, the back-up provided through documentation and personal advice from SFA is a major service to both our HQ staff and to our Veterinary Ireland members. One aspect not to be ignored is the network of contacts which SFA can provide. Having moved to Ireland in 2001 from overseas service, through attending SFA meetings, conferences and network events over the past twelve years I have built up a wide range of contacts in all walks of life and business, more than I would have ever hoped to achieve going it alone. Personally, of all the services provided by SFA it is this networking which I find most useful in my day-to-day business.

Peter Bishton, Veterinary Ireland
W: www.veterinaryireland.ie

I use the SFA quite a lot on a variety of employment law issues. I find them to be extremely helpful and always get a response to my query in a timely manner. I think they provide an invaluable service to small firms and I would highly recommend becoming a member to any organisation.

Olivia Ormonde, Custom House Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
W: www.customhousegroup.com

Over our time in Ireland, we have always turned to SFA for anything to do with business law and in particular, employment law. The staff of SFA are very professional and extremely helpful.

Barry McCleary, Megazyme International Ireland
W: www.megazyme.com

SFA has been very helpful through their awards, networking and advice platforms.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Oriel Marine Extracts
W: www.orielmarineextracts.com

I have attended a number of presentations which I found very helpful. I also sought the help and advice of a number of the experts in SFA and the advice I received was on point which helped me out dramatically

Valerie Deasy, Alliance Insurance Brokers
W: www.allianceinsurance.ie/

SFA helps us cope with regulation, HR issues and anything that arises in terms of running a business. A quickly responded to email or phone call allows us deal with issues as they arise rather than waiting and having to follow up.

Margaret Ferguson, Fergusons Hearing Aid Clinic
W: .ferghac.ie

Not as yet, but I am hoping to be more active in the organisation

Alison McMurtrie, Idunn
W: www.idunn.ie/

MarTone Design & Print have been members of the SFA for about ten years. We have found them to be efficient, professional and courteous at all times. They always have the back up information that every business needs from time to time. Their support is invaluable. 

Yvonne Malone, Martone Design and Print
W: www.martonepress.com

The IHF has been a member of the SFA for  many years.  Membership to the SFA is a very valuable asset to our business.  The SFA provide an excellent service and have an extremely efficient, helpful and friendly team that deal with our queries very promptly. 

Pauline O'Carroll, Irish Hairdressers Federation
W: www.irishhairfed.com

SFA has helped our business through providing business support, networking opportunities, training, information and legislation updates.

Cora Barnes, Three Q Perms and Temps
W: www.3qrecruitment.ie/home/

The SFA has been great at offering business advice and networking opportunities. They have been instrumental in lobbying important issues for small business in Ireland.

Roisin McNamara, CCP Recruitment Ltd
W: www.hero.ie/

I am a new member

Muireann Fitzmaurice, MarketingCoach.ie
W: www.marketingcoach.ie

The SFA are a constant support for our business. As well as providing excellent research results on all aspects of the business world in Ireland they provide a real advisory type service whenever new issues arise. Good examples would be HR or Contractual matters. The SFA team are very responsive to requests for help or information and also are very willing to act as a sounding board when critical issues arise. The SFA Newsletters and their website are a great source of information for companies. Over the years we have attended many member events and never miss the SFA Annual Lunch which is always worthwhile. We have made many friends and business contacts through these SFA events. The SFA represent small business very well in the media and also lobby Government on our behalf.

Dave Byrne, Dualtron Limited
W: www.dualtron.ie

SFA has helped me grow in a personal development way. I have attended many of the events being held and have networked where possible. SFA is a safety net for our members with the problem solving experiences.

Jo Somerville, Cosmetic Association Ltd
W: www.cosmeticassociation.ie

We have often turned to SFA for advice on areas of business and regulatory adherence. Their in house expertise is available whenever needed, and this alone makes the membership fee worth every cent. SFA also provides a networking forum for small and medium businesses, where examples and advice are also often freely available from other members.

Gerard Healy, Elemex
W: www.elemexheating.com

SFA has introduced us to businesses like ours that are shooting for the stars.

Gerard Tannam, Islandbridge Brand Development

As a new member of the SFA I have not had a chance to interact, but I am looking forward to engaging with this community and with the supports that you can offer me as a small business.

Barbara Monahan, CUBE Design
W: cubedesign.ie