In this section we discuss cybersecurity and how to keep your small business safe from online attacks.

Dr Csaba Kiss Kalló, head of portfolio for connectivity, mobility and security at Vodafone, outlines the importance and the competitive advantage of keeping your technology secure and how it is growing more critical for small businesses as cyber attackers switch their focus from large companies over to SMEs. Read on to discover how increasing your cyber security can give your business a competitive advantage in an increasingly digitised world. Discover more how Vodafone can support you in protecting your data and other Smart Working solutions on their blog.

We also share the guidance document from the Data Protection Commission which outlines how small businesses can ensure they have the appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to keep personal data secure and comply with their GDPR obligations.

We also include details of cybersecurity awareness training from the Cybersecurity Skills Initiative (CSI).

Why is cybersecurity awareness training relevant for my small business?

09/04/2019 - Cybersecurity is a business problem, not an IT one. If you have an internet connection you are vulnerable to a cybersecurity attack…and small firms are the main target of cyber criminals .. Read more

Could upping your security ability give you a competitive advantage?

20/12/2018 - We hear everywhere that digital transformation is good for business, but Vodafone's recent survey on the Irish small to medium enterprises (SME) community shows that we are still slow to act on this fact. And this is particularly true when it comes to security... .. Read more

Personal data security guidance for microenterprises under the GDPR

05/12/2018 - GDPR came into force in May 2018 and one of the key principles of GDPR is to ensure that personal data is kept confidential and secure. This is a big concern for all businesses as the threat of a data breach could have a significant impact on their business. In response to this the Data Protection Commisison produced a guideline for small businesses to ensure they have the appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to keep personal data secure... .. Read more