Coworking 101

Iconic Offices is Ireland’s leading flexible workspace provider, operating 16 locations in Dublin city centre, with spaces ranging from 1 to 500 desks and prices to suit start-ups right through to Fortune 500 companies. The SFA are delighted to partner with Iconic Offices on the Grow, Scale, Succeed platform who share great content on coworking.

Coworking or co-work·ing

an arrangement by which freelancers or employees working for various companies share an office or other workspace.

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workplace. Those working in the space are usually not employed by the same organisation.

More and more, businesses require a shared workspace or coworking model, offering flexibility for their staff, culture and ethos. Coworking brings down the walls in offices so that start-ups and small companies alike can work alongside each other in a strong community with a collaborative vibe. This can break down into private offices, studio space, dedicated desks or floating desks (hot desking). The aim of coworking communities is to offer ergonomic spaces designed to benefit all members of businesses, encouraging these businesses to grow, thrive and reach their ultimate goals.


  • Office space
Office spaces are private lockable spaces that clients can put their own stamp on by branding and customising at minimal cost. They can collaborate under one roof and benefit from the Iconic community.

Recommended For: Teams of 1 to 100 people

  • Studio
Lockable office space located within the coworking workspace. 24/7 unlimited access.

Recommended For: Individuals or small teams of 1 to 3 people that require some privacy but also want to be within the collaborative co-work space.

  • Dedicated
Fixed assigned desk including under desk storage located within the open plan coworking space. 24/7 unlimited access.

Recommended For: Individuals or small teams that prefer a fixed desk space location, also operating from one or two monitors. Laptop users also love this option if they want the consistency of having the same desk each day.

  • Floating
Access to unassigned desks within the open plan coworking space. 24/7 unlimited access.

Recommended For: Individuals that are also laptop users that like to travel light. This option is most commonly known as ‘hot desking’. Some small teams that don’t require to work side by side also like this flexible option.

  • Light
Access to unassigned desks within the open plan coworking space. Time based, part time access.

Recommended For: Remote employees that need occasional workspace.

  • Being part of a community
Coworking memberships gives you more than a workspace. It hooks you up to the expanding web of enterprise within the coworking space.

Community is at the heart of most coworking spaces. It drives collaboration, productive thinking and a sense of belonging among members. Bringing together likeminded people with likeminded goals to facilitate work and personal success.

The overarching goal is to provide plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow members in your field and beyond. A coworking space community team usually host a range of networking events, with something in the calendar for everyone. Members can host events too. The dedicated community space is yours to platform your brand or sit down and take notes from industry influencers and thought leaders on every front.
  • Community culture & events (get out what you put in)
When you take a desk at a coworking space, you become an exclusive member and part of a diverse and progressive community, helping members make the most of their membership.

Whether that is making connections to the community through in-house community teams or providing inspiration through community events.

Community events are open to all members giving them the opportunity to network, learn, get advice, give advice, try something new or simply to socialise with fellow members.

Coworking spaces provide these exclusive member benefits by bringing in experts, hosting member-to-member events to build connections and share knowledge, and may throw a seasonal gathering…or three.

SFA podcast with Iconic Offices on coworking

In this podcast, Lianne Kavanagh, Community Development Manager of Iconic offices talks about the flexibility of coworking spaces and how they differs from the traditional serviced office model.

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