What is One Net Business?
One Net Business by Vodafone is a cloud-based, “Unified Communications” solution for organisations from 15-250 users. In a world where people work across multiple platforms and devices, from multiple locations, One Net Business makes things easy – by joining up your mobiles, landlines, desktops, laptops and tablets so they work together seamlessly. It helps maximise productivity, save money and improve customer service. It’s proven, fully secure and instantly scalable. And it can be tailored to the precise needs of your organisation.

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Top 8 Free Tools for SmartWorking Teams

04/01/2019 - Abodoo share their Top 8 free tools for Smart Working. As a business and a start up, they operate entirely through remote working and their team is spread across 4 countries. They rely on a number of collobaration tools, some you may be familiar with such as Gmail and WhatsApp, others you may not be so familiar with. Discover how some or all of these tools could enable your business to work remotely. .. Read more